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Save the date: DiversIT Charter launch to take place in Istanbul on 21 November

The DiversIT Charter, developed by the CEPIS Women in ICT task force and approved by CEPIS Council in May, will be officially launched in a pan-European event on Thursday 21 November in Istanbul, Turkey.

The DiversIT Charter is a roadmap of activities that organisations can take to grow the number of women in IT professions. 15 CEPIS member societies signed the Call to Action at the Council meeting, committing to become thought leaders in the drive for a more equal workforce in IT and to promote the importance of women IT professionals in their countries.

Information on venue and agenda will follow in the coming weeks. For more information, or to denote your interest and initiate accreditation process, please contact the CEPIS Secretariat.

Digital skills, privacy and UNESCO policy initiatives approved by CEPIS Council

On 11 May 2019, CEPIS Council approved a number of policy initiatives led or supported by CEPIS working groups. First, the Council adopted the CEPIS Comments on EU funding 2021-2027 for Digital Skills, produced by the Digital Skills Policy task force. The Council also approved CEPIS signing the letter to EU Commissioners on Deep Packet Inspection, the draft of the Rome Declaration produced by the Informatics4All coalition and the decision to express CEPIS’s support to the UNESCO Paris Call for software source code as heritage for sustainable development by joining the signatories of the Call. 

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10-07-2019‘Digital Skills: New Professions’ pilot project final report now available
07-07-2019European Council publishes new Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024
06-07-2019Skills are the new metric for labour market analysis, WEF report says
03-07-2019Finland takes over Presidency of the Council of the EU
01-07-2019European Commission launches the pilot phase of the ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI
30-06-2019European Commission releases brochure the ‘Digiframe’
28-06-2019SHERPA project update
20-06-2019‘e-CF: Share & Inspire’ held in Utrecht on 19 June
17-06-2019European Council adopts conclusions on a digitised Europe beyond 2020
12-06-2019European Commission releases DESI 2019 report
11-06-2019Women in Digital Scoreboard 2019 results now available
05-06-2019CEPIS showcases ITPE and DiversIT Charter in Commission’s workshop on brain flow in Europe
05-06-2019European Digital SME Alliance maps digital skills initiatives
04-06-2019Denmark launches AI strategy focusing on ethics
03-06-2019European Commission publishes ‘Inspirational practices for tomorrow’s inclusive digital world’
03-06-2019European Commission publishes new report on labour market impact of AI
01-06-2019Next EU Code Week to take place in October 2019
01-06-2019Robotex Cyprus competition gains nation-wide media attention
31-05-2019European Commission invests another €41 million to connect Europe digitally
29-05-2019Committee calls for expansion of non-EU work visas to help close digital skills gap in UK
23-05-2019Gerald Futschek appointed new Chair of CIS SIN
17-05-201919 June – event in Utrecht on e-CF use by Dutch industry
16-05-2019European Parliament approves budget for future science and technology programmes
16-05-2019Save the date: BCS Insights 2019, 6 June, London
15-05-2019IFIP publishes position paper on IoT 
13-05-2019Skills for Industry Strategy 2030 conference to be held 19-20 June in Brussels
11-05-2019CEPIS Council approve DiversIT Charter
11-05-2019Digital skills, privacy and UNESCO policy initiatives approved by CEPIS Council
07-05-2019BCS is driving digital apprenticeships to upskill the workforce
07-05-2019IFIP launches new IT journal – IFIP SELECT
03-05-2019AICA builds a ‘Women in ICT’ network in Italy launched as new representation of business users and IT vendors to European institutions
30-04-2019CCS and ECDL Cyprus organise ‘train-the-trainer’ workshops
15-04-2019Commission issues final report on Impact of the Digital Transformation on EU Labour Markets 
11-04-20193rd Robotex National Robotics Competition to be held in Cyprus in June
11-04-201950 Years of German Informatics Society
11-04-2019ICT skills gap presents new opportunities for social inclusion
10-04-2019Ethical guidelines for AI presented by the European Commission
10-04-2019Women in Digital Declaration signed on 9 April in Brussels
09-04-2019Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition propose new Digital Skills and Jobs Portal
08-04-2019IT professionals lack support for developing their skills, new survey shows
07-04-2019Norway creates public-private partnership to tackle IT skills shortages
06-04-2019European Commission releases ‘Rolling plan for ICT Standardisation’
06-04-2019McKinsey publishes report: ‘Tackling Europe’s gap in digital and AI’
05-04-2019ECDL Romania launches second stage of its EDUTECH 3D printing campaign
04-04-2019Contribute to Internet Governance Forum
04-04-2019The Turing-Bus Project
02-04-2019eSkills Malta Foundation sets up survey for prospective ICT professionals
15-03-2019Project endorsed by CEPIS wins European Commission grant
14-03-2019Malta launches National eSkills Strategy
11-03-2019UNESCO urges recognition of software source code as part of sustainable development heritage
08-03-2019EPP urges European Commission to put clear focus on women in digital as key priority
07-03-2019CEPIS Digital Skills Policy Working Group kicks off in Brussels
07-03-2019EESC adopts opinion on European Cybersecurity Competence Centres
05-03-201960% of Europeans sceptical about governments’ ability to advance digitalisation, study shows
05-03-2019New study explores reasons of women’s underrepresentation in STEM
04-03-2019Four projects launched to prepare the European Cybersecurity Competence Network
25-02-2019EIF holds debate on Europe’s chances in the race for global AI leadership
24-02-2019CEPIS joins partners in promoting computer science education at conference in Brussels
18-02-2019European Parliament and Council of the EU reach agreement on Digital Europe programme
14-02-2019CEPIS co-organises conference on e-skills for diversity
14-02-2019GI and OCG sign an agreement of association
14-02-2019ITPE Professional Ethics Expert Group kicks off in Brussels
14-02-2019Save the date: Internet Governance Forum 2019
13-02-2019CEPIS to participate in EU4Digital project
13-02-2019eSkills Malta Foundation promotes digital skills through new initiatives
12-02-2019Demand for computer science courses exceeds supply in US schools
11-02-2019EU Proposal on the Prevention of Terrorist Content Online
07-02-2019New study looks at European approaches to skills audits
06-02-2019EU Code Week achieves new record in 2018
01-02-2019New tool for matching skills presented by Cedefop
29-01-2019Mariya Gabriel kicks off ‘Women4Cyber’ in Brussels
20-01-2019Commissioner Gabriel opens exhibition on outstanding women in the arts and sciences
18-01-2019Giovanni Adorni elected the new President of AICA
11-01-2019CEPIS highlights insecure ICT hardware and software in Europe
11-01-2019Workshop in Brussels to focus on Informatics education in schools
10-01-2019AI-demand platform kicks off in Barcelona
10-01-2019ICS promotes ‘Career Plus’ to enhance potential of IT professionals
08-01-2019Political agreement reached on Cybersecurity Act
07-01-2019Expert group on AI seeks feedback on Ethical guidelines
03-01-2019Mobile data usage in Europe surges after end of roaming charges
02-01-2019‘Women4IT’ project launched in Brussels

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