German Informatics (GI) Launches Social Media Strategy

Due to changing behaviour in digital communications German Informatics (GI) has launched a strategy to achieve (serious) distinguished awareness in social media networks (currently GI is on Facebook and XING).

At the moment so called 'digital natives' communicate intensively using social networks, sharing information and knowledge as ‘open content’. Computer Societies should be prepared to have answers, the capacity and tools in place in order to be interesting for these prospective groups.

Many experiences in the past have demonstrated, that it is not sufficient to only offer a technical platform, it is more important to create and organise content and at least initiate and moderate active communication between members (and future members). Therefore GI has launched a strategic approach to social media for their society and has engaged with social media consultants for conceptual support.

If you wish to know more about this strategy please email the GI Marketing Department

Thank you to Ludger Porada from GI for this information.